Inspirational Calendar pad, Motivational open monthly calendar, pad with 50 sheets of blank monthly calendars

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Inspirational Calendar pad, Motivational open monthly calendar, pad with 50 sheets of blank monthly calendars

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Open calendar, NO DATES! Perfect for our monthly events or for long term projects. All pages are easy to detach, either to keep on our desk, put on the wall over our computer or fold in half and take with us wherever we go. These inspirational monthly planner is sure to brighten and bring motivation to your days.

With blank squares, you can write in the dates and name of each month, meaning you can start this planner at any time of the year!

The planner has 50 tearable pages so it will be sure to last you a very long time.

The pad also has a handy notes section to jot down anything you need to remember or simply use to doodle while thinking.

Each square has plenty of room to write out daily tasks, important dates, keep track of things and write small lists.

Makes for a lovely, practical gift for anyone working from home, students or busy parents.

Product details:

• Size: A4 paper (29.7 x 21 cm) or 8.3 x 11.7 inches (similar to US Letter size)
• Printed on 115gsm paper
• 100% recycled paper, made without the use of optical brightening agents
• Glued along top edge
• Pages: 50 (yep, this baby will last you up to 4 years!)
• Cardboard backing
• Printed using 80% renewable energy

♻️ 100% RECYCLED PAPER: I source the best paper I can, always looking for the best quality and most sustainable. It might look and feel a little different to what you find in the major stores, but most of my customers love it!

PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: All the packaging is plastic free - we don’t wrap individual products in any type of plastic. Our packaging is made from sturdy recycled card, and we aim to source from companies that align with our values. Any tape we use is paper tape. Our inserts are printed on recycled materials and designed to be reused (you can frame it). All packaging is kept to a minimum without any unessential elements added to your package.

DESIGNED, MADE & PRINTED in the UK: All my products are designed (by me) and printed in the UK. The printer is a family-owned, local, small business, just down the road. The calendars are all hand-bound.


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