Self Care Gift Set Mini Bundle - Card Deck & Card Holder

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Self Care Gift Set Mini Bundle - Card Deck & Card Holder

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Treat yourself or your friends to this new gift set!

It makes for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

IN THIS GIFT BOX YOU'LL RECEIVE: 1x inspirational card deck. 1x card holder

Please feel free to add a gift message and we will personally add it out for you.

This inspirational deck consists of 53 affirmation cards. Each of the 53 cards with an affirmation for strength, acceptance, and empowerment and on the back of each card there are few words from me to you to guide you through the reading of each affirmation. Each card has a colourful artwork created by me to inspire you.

his affirmation deck is a useful tool to use as a prompt for journaling, a conversation starter with a friend or simply checking in with yourself. The card deck makes a wonderful mindfulness gift.

These cards can be used also as little works of art that you can leave around your home or office as colourful reminders.

Eco Friendly with no other material than 100% natural wood, perfect to hold these small artworks in a special place in your home or office.


1. Shuffle your pack, close your eyes and pick out a card to reveal the affirmation the universe has chosen for you

2. Pick a card that relate with your wishes in life and place them in prominent places around your house, workplace or even in your handbag as a reminder of a positive affirmation you seek in life

3. Gift a pack of affirmation cards to a family member or friend to help them shine with positivity

4. Simply admire them for what they are, mini cosmic artworks of love and light from me to you


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