Embrace your uniqueness


“It’ s a shame that the world tries to make people less weird and more normal. Your weirdness is your truth, value and happiness. In 2022 embrace your weirdness. Steven Barlett”

What did you wanted to be when you were little? Before society told you what you had to like and what you had to be?
Feeling different can be unsettling in a world that values sameness.

Society teaches us we’ll be happy by following norms that make us the same as others.
We are pushed to seek outside of ourselves rather than connecting inward and being fulfilled by the things we love.

It is easy to forget that we have the power to make choices.  When we become more aware of what makes us happy, we can make conscious decisions to build a life that fills our souls with passion.

What if we tried to bend the rules of what we should be..?

What if we started chasing the things that make us truly shine with joy?

You are never too old to start following your true calling.

Follow your uniqueness so you can perform your purpose and lead a fulfilling life.

Your presence in this world is a unique miracle, if you don’t create your masterpiece no one else will do.

The world needs you with your amazing qualities and flaws so they can learn from you and get to love you the way you are.
Your purpose is to become the best version of you. Your life is your story to write.

There is only ever going to be one you. No one is ever going to be able to exactly replace the way you think and do things, so be proud to be you.

You have the power to start living authentically.  Amazing doors can open for you when you start to embrace your personal talents, gifts, and personality.

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ― Howard Thurman

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