Portrait of Noharanda

Hello! My name is Daniela but everybody knows me as Noharanda. I live in London, United Kingdom with my partner Ernesto. We have a 5 year old boy, a baby girl on the way and four colourful oranda goldfish. Here you will find colourful and empowering art to fill your soul with good vibes to inspire you.

I was born in Argentina, a gorgeous country full of music and delicious wine. I grew up in Italy and once I was old enough I started travelling around the world. I feel like I am a bit from everywhere and this is definitely a freeing feeling for me and a continuous source of inspiration. Every place where I have been left me something. I love painting and drawing about this something. My work captures a blend of cultures, celebrates womanhood, and highlights the beauty of the simple things in life, in a colourful and inspiring way. I recently graduated first class honour Graphic Design in London but I have been drawing since I could remember.

I work as a designer for The Sunday Times, creating art, running my online shop, Patreon and YouTube channel. If you would like to support me outside my shop and social media platforms, please check out my Patreon account.

My experience as a creative revolves around editorial illustration, stationary, clothing design, prints and children's book illustration. I love all kind of illustration projects. My body of work consists also on my personal creations and prints available to purchase through my shop. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to collaborate.

Sending so much love to you ✨

Creating digital illustrations on a tablet device

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