I focus on what i can control and let go of what I can't

Focusing on what we can’t control makes us less effective and potentially leads to the outcomes we fear the most. ⠀

The more time and energy we’re spending on the things we can’t control, the less time and energy we’re spending on the ways in which we can make a difference. ⠀

When we focus on what we can control, we don’t worry as much about what we can’t⠀

Here is an helpful exercise for uncertain times;

What can you control in this situation? Make a list.⠀

What can’t you control in this situation? Make a list.⠀

Being honest with yourself, on which of the above things are you spending most of your energy and attention right now?⠀

How can you focus more on the things you can control? What would that look like?⠀

Personally I found simple to do lists and brain storming really helpful. I know it’s a daily challenge and sometimes it simply gets too much.. When I feel that my mind is full of noise and mental chatter I do journaling. It makes wonders to me to trow everything on a piece of paper, out of my mind. I feel lighter after and I can think more clearly after.⠀

What do you personal do to find focus and alignment when it gets too much ?⠀
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