Self Love is First Love

Illustration of a woman looking at herself in the mirror, with the text "self love is first love"

Humility and humbleness can be great practices, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of yourself, of what you’ve done.⠀⁣
I challenge you to say to yourself one thing you are proud of today. ⠀⁣

(Maybe even start your mornings with this thought and see how it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Wink at yourself if you feel like!)⠀⁣
Also, putting ourselves first has the beautiful side effect of allowing us to be our best selves for others as well. You’ve heard the oxygen mask metaphor: we have to take care of our own needs before we can be there for other people. ⠀⁣
When we gently prioritise self love first, we are able to genuinely offer ourselves to other people in a way that sets us up to do the most good over the long term. ⠀⁣
Make a list of 3 ways you want to make the world a better place. ⠀⁣
To each one, add a small action you can take this week to take care of yourself, so that you can be of benefit to others.⠀⁣

Every decisions, regrets and mistakes made you who you are and if you aim to be perfect all the time or to live to somebody else expectation of how you should be , there wont be any of that uniqueness that separates you from others.⠀⠀
You were enough before, you are enough now, and you will continue to be enough as you become more of who you were made to be. And believing that, when the world keeps whispering otherwise, is brave.⠀

The most important day in your life will be the day you decide you’re good enough for you. It’s the day you set yourself free.⠀⠀⠀
How are you practising self love today?⠀


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