The World Needs Exactly Who You Are

Illustration of a black woman sitting on a cane chair writing in her journal and surrounded by indoor plants

Inspiration is what drives creativity, innovation and progress of all types.⁣⁣ Inspired people make magic happen, journaling, writing down your affirmations and visualisations can keep you motivated and more aligned with your purpose.⁣ Within each of us, there is this deep knowing. Some call it divine connection, a sixth sense, or intuition, but I like to refer to it as the inner guru. ⠀⁣
It’s the part of us that knows we already are whole and complete, the part of us that doesn’t seek outside confirmation or validation. We’re trained out of our relationship with it since we are little. When in reality everything we need is already within.⁣ We just have to see it. And perhaps even more importantly, I need to choose to look inward.⠀⁣
We are the storytellers of our own lives. How we navigate each day is totally up to us. You can choose to seek for all the answers in distant lands and experts.⠀⁣
Or, you can choose to believe that everything you need is already inside you. And walk through the world from a place of love and enoughness. That way you will start making choices not from a place of fear but from a place of love and connection. Take care of your body and listen to what it has to say.


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