This journey is a beautiful artwork and you are the artist


This journey is a beautiful artwork and you are the artist

The decisions you are taking now are the paint strokes on the canvas

Stroke by stroke you are creating your best life

The decisions you are making now, the strokes you chose matter

You can choose what your want that artwork to be

What are your dreams and your goals?

Ask yourself everyday, are my choices moving me towards my dreams or further?

Your dreams are right in front of you. They are closer than they appear, the decision you take are the currency that will purchase will dreams.

Feel your dream daily, drink it, eat it, talk it.. Make it yours.

Don’t focus too much on the HOW. Focus on the WHY you want to do it.

The HOW will come if your intentions are there.

Just please remember that you can be YOU. The world needs exactly who you are with all your beautiful imperfections. Your UNIQUENESS it’s your best asset.

All the scars are part of your magic, don’t hide them. They are what make you, YOU

and they carry the reason why you are here

Is so easy to believe in everybody else, when is the last you really believe in YOU?

You were born to make a difference.

You have so much to offer, so much to give, so much to do.

Believe in yourself, hold on to the infinite possibilities

Dare to dream big

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