Your Dreams are Valid

 It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela 

It’s incredible how the biggest challenges seem so impossible until they become possible. Until we consciously make the jump and start diving into the scary and beautiful shiny new us. It’s only then than it all starts to look less scary and more like our second nature.. like we were meant to be it all along. We are the results of our choices and what we choose to overcome throughout our life

the more impossible the challenge seems, more is the glory that comes out of achieving it.

Your beliefs are what make you what you are. Beliefs are powerful.

It takes resilience to achieve the impossible. When you keep your focus on what you want to achieve, this itself becomes the driving force.

The goal becomes so powerful that it will act like a magnet, drawing you closer every day. The destination will beckon you. That is how the power of focusing on your goals works. It makes people indefatigable and provides them astonishing resilience.

What is that persistent dream of yours that keeps calling you everyday?

Wishing you to have the strength and faith to go after your dreams

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